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    Quality policy

       We carry out what we decide to provide products,
       which are trusted by customers.

    Environment policy

       As a company who supply our products to customers by design and
       manufacture of progressive die,precision metal stamping and assembly,
       Fukazawa aims to strike a balance between global environmental
       protection and ourbusiness activity. Fukazawa makes a point of
       contributing to regionalcommunity.

       1 In order to reduce environmental load caused by our business
         activities from material procurement to design, development and
         production, we promote environmental preservation activities
         such as saving resources, saving energy and waste reduction and
         so on.

       2 We identify possible emergency events in our business activities
         and attempt to prevent environmental pollution caused by the
         emergency events.

       3 By establishment of our environmental preservation organization
         and setting of an environmental target, we implement continuous

       4 We comply with environmental laws and regulations and set
         voluntary standards as needed. We attempt to improve our
         environmental performance.

       5 We educate and enlighten our employees so that they may
         execute their responsibilities to the environment.

10th December.2019
Fukazawa Limited Liability Co.,
Representative Director and President
Nobutada Kawata